Join Dr. Eva Pell, Former Undersecretary for Science at the Smithsonian in a Discussion on Endangered Species

March 30, 2020

Join us for a Free LIVE webinar for 3rd-6th grade students on 4/8 at 1pm EST / 10am PST. Dr. Eva Pell will discuss endangered species and read excerpts from her latest book ResQ and the Baby Orangutan. Registration is required as the event is limited to 1000 participants!

Join Dr. Eva Pell, former Undersecretary for Science at the Smithsonian, in a discussion on Endangered Species with 3rd-6th grade students from across the U.S.  Students will learn about species endangerment including where and why it is occuring and what we can do about it.  Students will also listen to Dr. Pell read excerpts from her book ResQ and the Baby Orangutan, and hear about her motivation to write the book including the problems that define orangutan survival.

Registration is required.  

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2. Select contact type: “Join Dr. Eva Pell” & provide email. Teachers can register a class or parents can register independently.  Please provide class size if applicable.

3. Webinar web link will be emailed. 

4.  Join via Zoom.  Attendees can just join via phone using telephone audio if video is not an option.                  

Note:  Sessions are not recorded & email is not stored for any use.

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