Experts develop and publish their roster of virtual lectures and school assemblies ("Services") so that they are available for Educators and Learners to book.

  • Experts create one or more than one Service in "My expert profile" by using the Add Service button and completing all required fields. 
  • Each Service has a specific fee, duration and objective.  Additionally, each Service is accompanied by a calendar of availability as dictated by the Expert.  After an Educator selects a service, date, and time, the Expert will be notified and can either accept the request for the Event, decline the request or recommend an alternative date, time or fee.  Also, either the Educator or Expert can communicate via the embedded chat function with the other party at any time during the booking process or after an Event is booked.
  • If after communicating with an Educator it is decided that a different Service will be provided by the Expert, the Expert can simply decline the request based on the existing Service and create a new Service that can then be booked by the Educator. 
  • Services are offered at a base starting price of $10. The fee is determined by the Expert.  On special occasion, Services are offered for no fee. The maximum fee is $2,500. 
  • Educators are charged for the Event at the time the requested Event is confirmed by the Expert and Experts are paid when the Event is complete.