Lesson aLIVE Expert Ryan Hertel's Career Counseling Work is Featured in LINK for Counselors

March 26, 2020

"For many high school students, planning for the future can resemble a croquet game. With so many career opportunities available, each with different skill requirements, how do students begin to consider making decisions about which direction to take?" Read more of Ryan's work in his latest feature in LINK for Counselors.

It is exciting to see the career advising work, Ryan Hertel is offering through Lesson aLIVE, get featured at LINK for Counselors!  In this piece, Ryan shares the objective of his sessions, the approach he takes with students and the reasons that high school students can relate to his advice.  Ryan cites "one common trait in all my sessions is that the students want to know the formula."  He explains how he redirects students away from any formula and instead empowers them to take charge of their future. Read more of Ryan's advice and the live, virtual or in-person career lectures he provides at LINK for Counselors.  

You can easily book Ryan's virtual lectures for your classroom or school via Lesson aLIVE.  Ryan will visit your virtual classroom or bring your students to the Lesson aLIVE virtual classroom, whatever solution is best for the event.