The Joy of Missing Out ("JOMO"): 5/13 & 5/15

May 04, 2020

The joy of missing out? Join us for this special event series with author & international speaker, Annie Meehan! Annie will discuss how to look for & choose happiness & how to find joy even when life changes & we are not living within our control.

A LIVE learning event to inspire & motivate!

Learn to

  • Look for & choose happiness

  • Turn the conversation away from the fear of missing out

  • Find JOY when life changes and we are not living within our control

Wednesday 5/13: 1-1:45 pm EST: Join educators & other professionals in this live motivational event intended to inspire all to embrace the joy of missing out (“JOMO’)!    

Friday 5/15: 1-1:45 pm EST: It's the students turn to be inspired by Annie’s advice! It’s a challenging environment & youth everywhere feel they are missing out. Annie will remind our students how to find joy in this complex time & transition mindset from a fear of missing out to “JOMO”! 

Meet our presenter: Annie Meehan

Speaking internationally as an expert on living an exceptional life, Annie motivates, & inspires all ages!  An author, consultant and speaker, Annie transforms mindset by teaching us to rewrite excuses & find joy - even when we think we are missing out!

To join either event:

  1. Visit the Contact us page & select contact type "Join JOMO Professional Edition" or "Join JOMO Student Edition."

  2. If registering for more than one attendee, please provide the anticipated count for group pricing.  You will recieve an invoice based on the attendee count & after payment you will receive the join instructions via email.  

  3. Join the event via Zoom.